Construction Management

Compass provides the full array of construction management services, from scheduling and budget development to move management, permitting and FF&E coordination. 

Compass Project Solutions (CPS) experience brought value in holding both the architect and general contractor accountable on schedules, budgets, and best construction practice timelines.  CPS's fiscal oversight of our master construction budget was a tremendous asset when determining critical mid project fiscal decisions.

- Jeff Rasmussen, County Administrator - Jefferson County

Master Scheduling

Compass will develop your program's master schedule along with valuable input from the various stakeholders. Well thought out master schedules are the backbone of successful projects and are used as a working tool as a project moves throughout its many stages.

Budget Development & Oversight

One of our greatest responsibilities is to develop, manage and oversee the project budget. Our intimate involvement with all aspects of the project ensures constant symmetry with the budget as the project moves from planning through conceptualization, schematics, design development and ultimately into construction documents. Similarly our leadership through construction pre-planning, phases of construction and project closeout also ensures funds are appropriately available when needed and when expected.

Move Management & Logistics

Whether your project involves new construction, renovation/remodel of existing spaces or both, you will likely need a well thought out move management and logistics plan developed by Compass Project Solutions. Occupying a new space while also seamlessly maintaining your organizations primary purpose requires planning just as renovating/remodeling an occupied space also requires detailed planning and logistics to make sure your operations stay up and running while the project moves forward.

Permit Management & Compliance

Compass creates an environment where the permitting jurisdiction is a valuable partner to the project. Early and frequent interaction and engagement is the key to success. Costly permit delays can easily be avoided through proper understanding of the agency processes.

FF&E Oversight & Coordination

FF&E is commonly handled outside of the construction contract, however the success of the FF&E order is dependent on proper coordination and logistical planning with the construction team. With an extensive construction background, Compass will use this knowledge to your project's benefit.

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