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"I would highly recommend Ricardo for any sized building or rennovation project.  He is extremely knowledgeable of all aspects of building and has a direct, thorough and collaborative communication style that is extremely effective.  He is watchful and attentive in always representing the owner's best interests while also striving for collaborative solutions to challenges.  His management style, communication abilities and construction expertise would be of value to any organization."
- Marsha Malonson, Director of Corporate Services – SAIF Corporation

"I had the pleasure of working with Ricardo on three projects for Jefferson County. All of the projects were completed using the CM/GC method of contracting which involved heavy emphasis on pre-construction planning. I was impressed by Ricardo's leadership during the entire project but in particular how he was a difference maker during the early planning stages of the project. Ricardo is adept in his communication skills and is a strong team-builder. He takes the clients goals & objectives to heart and formulates action plans in a collaborative manner to ensure that they are achieved. I offer Ricardo my highest recommendation."
- Jeff Rasmussen – County Administrator, Jefferson County

"Ricardo Becerril has my strongest possible recommendation as a Senior Large Project Manager for any large public or private industry construction project. His demonstrated proficiency and professionalism while working on occupied educational campuses makes him particularly qualified for that type of work. Should Mr. Becerril ever decide to individually project manage work for the Salem-Keizer School District, we would not hesitate to hire him."
- Bruce Lathers, Manager of Construction Services – Salem-Keizer Public Schools

"Ricardo, it was a pleasure to work with you. You conducted yourself in a professional and customer service oriented manner. Your efforts were extraordinary and exceeded my expectations. You represent a desire for excellence and always show a desire to meet the owner's objectives. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the future and am pleased to provide you with my highest recommendation."
- Ken Rezac, Retired – Former Business Manager Oregon City School District

"Ricardo has always displayed to me tremendous organizational, computer, communication and people skills, knowledge of construction, schedules, means and methods and dedication to quality as the final outcome. In short, if I were to start my own firm, Ricardo would be my first hire."
- Marc Bevens – Architect – Formerly Partner with Soderstrom Architects

"I have worked with a lot of great construction management professionals in my career, but only a small few who contribute the combination of knowledge, skill and relationship building that Ricardo brings to the project team. Ricardo understands that construction management means combining and aligning the interests of owner, general contractor, architects, engineers, sub-contractors and local permitting authorities into a unified effort. When the project is tough, schedule is tight, design complex and the owner's expectations are high, there is no one I would find better suited to ensure success than Ricardo. He gets it."
- Mike Maloney – Urban Area Security Program Coordinator - Multnomah County

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the positive relationship that has developed between yourself and LP Company over the years on projects such as the Cascade School District Projects, Straub Middle School Project and the OSU Renovation Work. Your positive attitude, effective communication skills and knowledge of the industry make it a privilege to work with you. LP Company has the opportunity to work with many Construction Managers and you are certainly one of the best Project Managers out there."
- Steve Rux – President – LP Company Inc.

"Ricardo, Thank you for taking the time to be a true partner in education at Hallman Elementary. You contributed your personal time and energy as well as encouraging your company to invest in the lives of students. I know that you understand the value of companies and individuals joining with the community to accomplish things for our young people."
- Sandy Husk – Superintendent, Salem-Keizer Public Schools

 "Ricardo went the extra mile during the pre-con phase to provide cost saving ideas and methods to ensure the budget went as far as it could be stretched. During construction he held the contractors and personnel to a high standard of performance while carefully tracking the budget. The owner and I were very happy with the result. Ricardo is a team player that brings honesty and integrity to any construction project along with a great working knowledge of the industry. He is quick to offer solutions to challenges that may come up during the project and does so in a collaborative manner."
- Paul Bentley, President – Paul L. Bentley Architect, AIA PC

"Ricardo Becerril is not an average construction manager. He is far above average because he understands well the management concepts needed for CM work and what it means to "join" the owners team. Additionally he has a management style that works well with the A/E team, and maximizes the work of the construction subcontractors. He displays above average communication skills and computer skills which greatly benefit the client. I worked with Ricardo on a project where he met regularly with city and county regulators, and with other projects stakeholders to negotiate mutually beneficial outcomes and keep the project moving forward. He also facilitated aggressive value engineering and fast track scheduling efforts that turned the new school building into a successful project. I would strongly recommend Ricardo Becerril for any senior level position in the arena of construction management."|
- Stephen Poage, Director of Capital Projects– Formerly with Tigard Tualatin School District

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