The best teambuilding environment starts with leadership. We recognize each client and each project is unique, and our approach is based upon knowledge rather than assumptions.

Ricardo is a team player that brings honesty and integrity to any construction project along with a great working knowledge of the industry. He is quick to offer solutions to challenges that may come up during the project and does so in a collaborative manner.

- Brad Capener, Superintendent of Schools – Jefferson School District

Goal Setting & Objective Planning

Compass has extensive experience managing successful projects, and we value the uniqueness of each client and each project. By establishing clear communication around project goals, and defining objectives amongst the various project stakeholders, we will develop a successful foundation to build upon for the duration of your project.

Key Stakeholder Communication Plan

The overall success of a project begins with planting the seeds of great communication and teamwork from the start, then fostering an environment where those seeds can grow throughout the cycles of a project. Compass will take the lead role in ensuring communication amongst the core team members is seamless; owner, architect, contractor and AHJ.

Architect / Engineer Team Evaluation / Selection

Compass will work with you to develop a hiring process compliant with Statewide Legislation, while also being tailored to your organizational purchasing guidelines. Finding the right firm with the best people who possess the tailored skills for your project is the ultimate goal.

Construction Team Evaluation / Selection

Compass will assist you in laying out the pro's & con's associated with the different contractor procurement options, helping you make the right decisions for your project. Selecting the best method to solicit and hire your contractor partner will set the tone for your project.

Facilitate Integrated Team Meetings

All projects have a requirement to meet. At Compass, we create a collaborative environment; meetings become gatherings where challenges are resolved, outcomes are formulated, questions are answered and action plans are developed. A meeting should always create positive outcomes and project momentum, not just be a box that gets checked until the next meeting occurs. 

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Compass Project Solutions is a Certified Oregon MBE / ESB (#8887) firm offering two and a half decades and over $1 billion of experience in the construction of over 100 public and private projects. More info...

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